COP 28 - Dubai

Earth's Most Important Natural Resource is Children, the intelligent energy that promotes sustainable agriculture & economic development everywhere.

Reporting live from Madrid during COP 25.

The UNFCCC is hosting the COP 28 (conference of parties) on Climate Change in Dubai December 2023 and Kinderenergy Representatives will be there promoting the potential all children have to be Earth's most efficient stewards of the environment. We will spread the news of some of the projects designed by children which remove barriers to the education of other children their age living in the Global South and which are saving lives today! This is so with our latest projects in Uganda and Tanzania promoting sustainable agriculture, nutrition, health and education. And to think it all started with a couple of high school students, ideas and chickens! We will highlight how the environment, sustainable agriculture, health and well-being are connected. The photos highlight efforts at #GettingBackToEarth at a very rural school in Uganda.

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Finding the link between environment, sustainable agriculture, health and well being