Turning compassion into passion


This is an innovative initiative which brings the very underrepresented topic of international development into the high school classroom. It is intended to bridge the gap between youth and international development and high school curriculum and practice.

This program inspires high school students to become philanthropists, humanitarians and social entrepreneurs. Serious global challenges in international development are seen and solutions are designed and turned into small projects which the students finance, manage and see to completion.

#MoveBrainSaveEarth teaches empathy, collaboration, leadership and intelligent innovation.​ When students see the good they have affected on the lives of others, they experience "Circular Impact Effect", seeing the happiness in others gives them happiness, self esteem and empowerment in return.

Youth + Brains + Compassion + Mobile Technology are SAVING the world. Earth is happy!

High school students become the owners of projects that solve real problems affecting other children in much worse living conditions than they will ever know. This means something to them and the world. The program inspires youth to use their brains, tech savvy and social media expertise for ACTION. In the process they get hands on practice in project management, foreign currency exchanges, foreign languages, budgeting & marketing. They have the will, brains, compassion and mobile phones to mobilize the world to join them in doing good for people and our planet.

In the USA alone, about 20 million students between 15-19 are doing very little in international development, let alone contributing to the implementation of SDGs. The planet is theirs also, don’t you think it is time they start working to protect it?

100% of financing they get for the projects goes to their projects.

In December 2015 the UN launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the COP21 in Paris . The first seven goals have to do with following strategic areas and upon which the remaining 10 goals rest. Kinderenergy's projects are focused on the following crucial areas:

  • Education For All
  • Water, Sanitation & Global Health
  • Eradication of Land Mines
  • Reforestation & Disasters Risk Reduction

UN General Secretary, His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, made 3 calls to the Youth for action:

  • Help drive Sustainable Development that is people centered and planet sensitive
  • Fight injustice and inequality with solidarity
  • Become a global citizen​