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Positive effects on the natural and social environment will only be successful if :

  1. there is an awareness on a global scale of humanity’s interconnectedness and inter-dependence within the complex of living organisms which make up Earth’s biosphere.

  2. a cultivation and nurturing of the intelligence to choose to act intimately and compassionately with the social and natural environment for the ultimate goal of building a strong, healthy and vibrant environment where humanity lives in balance with all of Earth’s intelligent and non intelligent life. We, as conscientious members of the global community, must not only BELIEVE in a child’s connection to nature but also HOPE in their potential to keep all of natures resources and creatures vibrant and healthy.

  3. believing and hoping is not enough however. We also need to work for this change to happen. Children have the potential and we would like to help them reach it so they can help themselves, their families, their country and the entire planet.
If we put our heads together, we can come up with great ideas. We are not experts and as we get our hands dirty, we are learning better ways to do things and from the people we are helping. Our ideas are flexible and adapting to different circumstances. Join us in improving children's lives so they can receive the education they need to move their country towards prosperity and learn to protect all of Earth's natural beauty.

Work with us

Without your help, significant change is not possible. If you are enthusiastic, there are many ways to get involved financially and practically such as through volunteering on site as an undergraduate teacher, strategic partnerships, corporate sponsorship, employee volunteering and with pro-bono services. If you are interested in getting your university or Alma Mater involved in helping us, send us an email please. There are numerous opportunities for collaboration.

Volunteer for Kinderenergy at the United Nations

We are looking for bright and energetic students to be our UN representatives in New York City to sit in on UN meetings, visit with dignitaries and promote Kinderenergy's mission within the UN. This position is for an undergrad student interested in environment, global affairs, development economics and global health issues. This is a part time, unpaid position and perfectly compatible with university studies. For interest, please contact us through the contact page.

Strategic Partnerships

Kinderenergy seeks strategic partnerships with corporate stakeholders representing numerous fields to further the growth and successful management of the #MoveBrainSaveEarth initiative and its projects in different parts of the world.

Partnerships with global corporations doing business in countries where we have projects is very desirable since this opens the door to collaboration in projects through that corporation's Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Collaboration on projects will result in more efficient project management, less cost for everyone and a greater number projects being completed. With time and money saved, we can start new projects.

For more details, please send an email to

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