Kinderenergy at the United Nations

Promoting children as a natural resource and as global solutions providers

July 2022: The Global Peacemaker's Program/ NYC

July 5-15, 2022, UN Headquarters, New York City, USA


Based in New York City, The Global Peacemaker's Summer Summit gathers youth from different continents to build awareness of the crucial role children and youth play in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. We will analyze what is being said on the one hand and what is being done on the other. Financing for development is a hot topic now but will corporations really put the money where their mouths are when it comes to the implementation of the SDGs where they are most needed? The implementation process can be done effectively and with reduced costs if we all band together.

We will be taking a look at the topic of Climate Change and answering the call made during the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in promoting the role of children and youth as efficient actors in climate change mitigation, disaster risk reduction and re-forestation.

We will speak with experts regarding different options of low carbon energy resources and how diplomacy after COP21 is affecting policy change in the way governments and industry are transitioning into a 2ยบ C mindset. We will also learn how the gas & oil industry cannot be totally excluded yet from the environmental agenda as a crucial energy provider and how these industries will be affected as the government pushes the USA towards a greater reliance on renewable energy.

In addition, students will learn how education and diplomacy are promoted through sports as a means to advance environmental stability, sustainable development, human rights, peace and equality for all through civil society participation by youth within the local, national and international level.

Youth chosen to participate in this global summit will spend two weeks actively brainstorming and learning about solutions to some of the globes most stressing problems affecting youth, democracy, health, environment and economy. Students will attend conferences, participate in public debate and will travel between New York City and Washington DC visiting the United Nations, the Capital and distinguished world leaders.

GPEE is a bold leadership program dedicated to exploring the democratic processes as it relates to current issues of global importance, but particularly about energy and changes in the environment and their affects on children. This program is designed for university students between the ages of 18-25 years of age and it's aim is to awaken the energy expert and statesman in every young person through a concise, well organised study of the environment and the international principles and rules which sustain the United Nations.

Since being granted Special Consultative Status within the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2013, Kinderenergy hopes to highlight its commitment to proving that youth are Earth's most intelligent positive energy source and the greatest stewards of social and environmental justice.

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The application period is now open. Please download the material and send everything to before February 29, 2022.

- UN - Summer Program 2022 (PDF)
- Application Instructions
- Application - Global Peacemaker's Program

Catarina de Albuquerque & Kinderenergy Jr. Delegate at the UN-2018

Mahmoud Mohieldin, World Bank Partnerships, with Kinderenergy Jr. Delegates 2018.

Ocean and Other Conferences

Join Kinderenergy in promoting the role of children in keeping Oceans alive & healthy

UN Ocean Conference, Lisbon, Portugal
Date: June 27, 2022

Kinderenergy's conference participation will highlight:
  • Rethink the role of children in keeping Oceans clean & healthy.
  • Can oceans help us find the cure to childhood cancers?
  • The role of Oceans as emotional & physical therapy to handicap children.
  • The importance of seagrass in sequestering CO2
Stockholm +50, Sweden
Date: June 2-3, 2022

The 56th session of the subsidiary bodies, UNFCCC at the World Convention Center Bonn, Germany
Date: June 6-16, 2022

Eleventh Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF11) in Katowice, Poland
Date: June 26-30, 2022

Guardians of the Ocean video

Kinderenerg's Communications Intern at the UN, Niki Braham, asked kids at a UNICEF sponsored event if they think children & youth are important for the planet and why. Listen to what they had to say...

Video created by
Niki Braham

Orinoco Initiative

Help us send two exceptional Venezuelan undergraduate students to the UN to participate in Kinderenergy's Summer Global Peacemakers Program in New York City.

Contributing to the Orinoco Initiative enables Kinderenergy to send two bright undergraduate students from Venezuela and without the financial means possible, to represent their fellow countrymen at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July. Gifted with multiple language and diplomatic skills these students will learn how global health, politics, international law, corporate finance and diplomacy unite in an attempt to eradicate poverty and ensure lasting justice and global peace.

Funds from generous donors will be used to cover full cost of transportation, housing, meals and insurance for two students to attend a three week participation in New York City.